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Laetitia Gazagnes

Laetitia Gazagnes

Areas Laetitia Gazagnes is Knowledgeable in:

Techniques Laetitia Gazagnes Uses:

I can offer my services in these fields as consultant, speaker, author...etc :

• Consulting in strategy: innovation strategy and roadmaps design, strategic marketing and marketing innovation, market surveys (trends in the automotive field, the medical devices field, the robotic field...etc), business plans, sustainable innovation, product innovation, process innovation, innovation organization and deployment of an innovation team on the field, identify opportunities, Open innovation, Design thinking, funding roadmaps.

• Innovation coaching: boost a team in the innovation thinking, innovation management, trainings,
innovation tools (creativity, study of "weak signals", Design thinking, CK theory, Risk management,
Lean start-up, New business model…).

• Innovation project management and e-materials consulting: front end opportunity to proof of
concept, collaborative project management with international partners (academic and industrial), set up of living’labs, technology strategy, introduction of partners, set up of collaborations, expertise in technologies:
- integration of electronics into fabrics and plastics…etc (flexible printed electronics)
- IoTs, embedded systems, real time service applications, connected objects (vehicules, hospital beds and mattresses, domotics...etc),
- materials and nanomaterials, smart materials and textiles,
- biosensors,
- nanotechnology,
- e-textiles & e-materials, flexible printed electronics,
- chemistry, surface treatments, coatings, superhydrophobic coating, antibacterial coating...etc
- embedded electronics, water treatment, sustainable development, filtration by membranes,
- biotechnology, microbiology, bacteriology, infection control, wound care, prevention of bedsores, soft tissue,
- drug delivery...etc

Laetitia Gazagnes's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Coach, scientific expert, scouting, marketing
  2. innovation strategy, technology strategy, sustainable innovation,

Laetitia Gazagnes's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Innovation expert