Lorenz Bauer star Proven Solver

Lorenz Bauer

Lorenz Bauer's Training:

I am a Six Sigma Black Belt who has used this approach as for both research and problem solving. While working a UOP/Honeywell I lead new technology and applied research teams looking for uses for new materials. I also participated in our Open Innovation Program and lead a team that selected and funded external exploratory projects. I was a team leader for many projects in a matrix team environment where the main role of the leader was to be a facilitator and mentor.

Lorenz Bauer's Experience:

Note I have actually worked on several commercial projects developing sugar conversion including supported enzyme glucose to fructose conversion.

I am worked for more than 30 years in the new technology and product development area.What makes me unique is that have had a broad range of experience ranging from catalysis formulation and process development to characterization of both new and existing products. I am particularly interest in biomass based chemicals and fuels. I believe the world needs to learn to incorporate renewables into all aspects of our life.

I have experience in basic research, customer technical support and product commercialization. I have work at large corporations and start-ups. I am an inventor on 20 issued patents and 8 applications still in processing. Most recently I have been evaluating intellectual property in the energy, nanomaterials, polymer additives and other areas for technology transfer groups at Universities.

While at UOP I gained fundamental research and manufacturing support experience I worked on process ranging from the production of artificial sweeteners, antioxidants and other food actives as well as petrochemical and refining process. I am a six sigma black belt and have lead a number of different new product and technology development teams including both engineers and scientists. I have designed and applied heterogeneous acid catalysts for hydrocracking, FCC and petrochemical catalysts and processes. I also designed and supervised pilot operations including everything from flow charting, equipment selection, automation and data processing. I worked on both batch and continuous flow testing. Catalysts and processes I designed are in several commercial plants.

While at KiOR worked on a biomass to fuel conversion process. I managed a group of 5 professionals. We built three pilot plants included an integrated demonstration plant at the 5 barrel per day level. I participated in the commercial start up a 500 barrel per day plant. We demonstrated process changes that increased yields by 10% and save millions of dollars in the design of new biofuel process. We developed a strategy for extracting renewable specialty chemicals from the bio-oil. I solved process problems relating to corrosion and plugging issues.

Lorenz Bauer's Experience with Online Groups:

Many of the projects I worked on have been run at multiple sites around the world. I was part of company that was an early adopter of video conferences. One of the projects I lead in frequent meetings had subgroups meeting in five cities on three continents,. I have worked using go to meeting, webex and most recently skype. I have taught on-line courses at Lone Star.