Innovation Consultant

Mario Alejandro Rosato

Mario Alejandro Rosato
A) Fully equipped laboratory for biogas/biohydrogen/fermentative processes analysis and optimization

1. AMPTS II (second generation automatic methane potential test system) with 15 x batch reactors
2. Multiparameter spetrophotometer for COD, N (Kj), NH4, NO2, P, and Cl mesurement
3. 20 liter Muffle oven up to 1200 ºC
4. Halogen moistre analyzer and precision scale (1 mg resolution)
5. Small reactors for biodiesel production, up to prototype for 1000 l/day biodisel production
6. Miscelanneous lab glassware

I have developed my own method for biogas plant optimization, already applied in several biogas plants in Italy.

B) Fully equipped to perform energy audits and formulate energy saving strategies in large industries:

1.Fluke Thermal IR camera
2. Testo multiparameter indoor comfort analyzer
3. Testo thermal flow meter
4. AMP 2-channel thermometer with data logger
5. AMP Solar radiation meter