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Mario Alejandro Rosato

Mario Alejandro Rosato
A few conferences are in English , most of them are in Italian. Apart of the conferences shown here in video, I am, or have been, professor of biogas technology, solid biomass, energy savings in the industry and wind turbine technology in several institutes. As part of my usual consultancy services, I have prepared professional training courses (8 hour modules) for industrial operators on the following subjects: Biogas plant optimization Biogas plant design Small anaerobic digesters design and self-construction Lab techniques for biogas plant optimization (advanced course) Solid biomass technology Electrical energy saving techniques for large industries Thermal energy saving techniques for large industries Photovoltaic panels maintenance and recycling (meant for social non profit organizations) Small wind turbines design (both horizontal and vertical axis) Design of small wind power installations. Liquid biofuels technology.

Mario Alejandro Rosato's speaking engagements:

Optimization of biogas plants, Ecomondo Fair and Congress, Italy 2015
The agro-energy potential of Southern Italy, conference sponsored by the Italian Senate and President of the Republic
Conference on e-waste in Orlando (FL)
The Economist conference at Pace University N.Y.
Agroenergy District Sicily, course on biogas technology
Round Table on Sustainable Technologies at Univ. of Padua (Italy)
Sustainable Technologies for Developing Countries, Univ. of Venice, Italy
Video-course on small wind turbine technology. Sample lesson, Acca Software
Biogas from Municipal Waste. Conference at the Technology Pole of Pordenone
Clones of Arundo donax as energy crops for biogas
The MALENA project: Which biomasses for Sicily?
Biogas Technology, Green Evening in Rimini, Italy