Problem Solver

Mark Kline

Mark Kline

Areas Mark Kline is Knowledgeable in:

I am knowledgeable about how structures work and love to think of them on a fundamental level to find ways to improve their performance.

Techniques Mark Kline Uses:

I use functional analysis to map out the problem, then employ innovation by analogy + my own creativity/technical mastery to find solutions. With innovation by analogy, I have studied what technologies other industries use to solve for the same functionality I am needing, and I have also studied how nature solves problems to find new solutions. I use bioinspiration - not biomimicry...I seek inspirations from nature - not to just replicate it for non-nature applications.

Mark Kline's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. consumer product design and choice of technologies for them
  2. development and selection of materials such as flexible films, nonwovens, adhesives
  3. methods of assembling webs of materials, making of laminates, etc.
  4. Data analysis
  5. intellectual property creation and defense (in litigation, office actions, oppositions, etc.)
  6. fundamental understanding of physics and its application to performance of structures.
  7. technical testing of products and packages for performance - in lab and in use.
  8. consumer research techniques to understand product performance and consumer acceptance.

Mark Kline's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed and developed new technologies for diapers, and also contributed to design and technology choices for feminine care products (pads and tampons), body wraps (knee, back wraps known as Thermacare), sweeping devices (Swiffer), oral care products, batteries, and other consumer products. My work focused on the product design and technology choices, but I also worked in materials and process development. I have 129 granted patents from this work and it contributed to >$1B incremental product. ~25% of the patents cover marketed products and another ~35% are for inventions still likely to go to market. Specific areas of focus were absorbent cores, the fit and fastening performance of diapers and feminine care products, and also quality systems used in production of products.