Matin Hamidi

Matin Hamidi

Matin Hamidi's Training:

- Business Modelling: Completing BMC, value proposition design, etc.
- Marketing Planning: Strategic, social media, segmentation, etc.
- Business Planning.
- Operations Strategy.
- Supply Chain Management (SCM).
- Business Process Reengineering.
- Risk Management.
- Project Management.
- Scrum.
- Entrepreneurship.
- Operations Research.
- Planning (Operations, and project).
- MSP 2016.
- Bizagi Modeller.
- BPMN 2.0.
- Inventory & Transportation Management.
- Logistical Systems Design.
- Supply Chain Dynamics.

Matin Hamidi's Experience:

Leading about 30 teams in different companies, in a vast number of business sectors, with different methods of knowledge sharing, teaching, or consulting (all around the above issues).

Matin Hamidi's Experience with Online Groups:

There have been 3 or 4 teams which I tried to help them online. They were from different business areas with different professions. Fortunately, all projects were successful (I’m founder of one of those).