Problem Solver

Meital Weiss

Meital Weiss

Areas Meital Weiss is Knowledgeable in:

I have brigth knowdlage on eating disorders as a one who been trough that myself and helped herself out of it.

Techniques Meital Weiss Uses:

As Kolbe test once told me, I'm a Visionary (8 in result) on the quick start.

I have plenty of wonderful ideas and known for finding good shortcuts and opportunities!

love to see the big picture and suggesting ideas that are short and captivating.
especially solutions that touches the human heart then mind.

Meital Weiss's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. latine dance dancer - Bachata
  2. latine dance dancer - Salsa
  3. Artistic writer - poems
  4. Artistic writer - short stories

Meital Weiss's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. What I lack in experience, I do have hunger of thousand panthers to find solutions and helping others.