Problem Solver

Melissa Reed

Areas Melissa Reed is Knowledgeable in:

Hurricane Disaster Planning
Crises Communication Planning
Hazard Mitigation Planning
Research and Analysis
Emergency Operations Planning
Geological Planning
Hydrological Planning
Meteorological Hazard Planning
Advanced Geography
Volunteer Management
Risk Communication
Business Continuity Planning
Community Disaster Preparedness
Resourceful and inventive
Quarantine and Isolation
Public Health Planning
Homeland Security Structure & Counter-Terrorism
Disaster preparedness, outreach programs, crafts, simplifying processes.

Techniques Melissa Reed Uses:

Those are top secret!

Melissa Reed's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Disaster planning

Melissa Reed's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. • InnoCentives Winning Solver (2013) Development of Heart Failure Patient Monitoring System
  2. InnoCentives Winning Solver (2013) Development of Pharmaceutical Industry Patient Centricity Technology