Problem Solver

Michael Bandy

Michael Bandy

Areas Michael Bandy is Knowledgeable in:

Tablet (pill) design
Containment facility design
Collaborative area design

Techniques Michael Bandy Uses:

Competitive landscape review
Divergent thinking venues for novel ideas
Robust idea evaluation with non users
Problem definition via interview with strong listening and observation skills
Initial sketch up of alternative approaches with the gathering of differing perspectives
Prototyping of alternatives
Reviewing the prototypes with the potential user for final clarification
Final design with final prototype

Michael Bandy's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Work with people of various skill levels and differing educational backgrounds
  2. Design collaborative work areas
  3. Understand Industrial Hygiene challenges and Design containment to meet those needs
  4. Design of containment facilities
  5. Oral Solid Dosage Form Design
  6. Gather specific facility design requirements from the users/operators
  7. Work with other engineers to design novel containment solutions

Michael Bandy's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have designed several trademarked solid oral dosage forms to help patients with disabilities.
    I have designed 20-30 tablets that have good manufacturability, robust handling properties and product differentiation.
    I have designed several tablet (pill) forms to aid in anti-counterfeiting.
    I have been the lead engineer on the design and fabrication of 2 different solid oral dosage pilot plant high containment facilities
    I have designed and led the construction of 15 collaborative work areas.
    I am the co-inventor of a containment valve that has 2 patents