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Moshiur Rahman

Moshiur Rahman I am swift in performing software related operations, computer and hardware. I believe in providing and maintaining non-negotiable high standards and service. Presenting the pros and cons to the management of the system is a very challenging task. I was asked to prepare proposals regarding the management issues at the University. Initially, I imagined this project would be rather simple but it turned out to be among the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. Besides this, I am interested in paranormal science though there is no proven evidence on it. I can feel there is existence of life that remained still uncaught to the science and it has been dominating the human life from its creation. It will be huge achievement in defining this type of creatures and their life style. As life creates energy and power, this type of hidden force whether it is called dark force or dark matter has a source and this source has a life alike a human and has different life styles continuously dominating the Universe in its creation. A well proven theory will make sense for it and there are lots of research should need to take place on this field for humankind.

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