Problem Solver

Murchisson John

Murchisson John

Areas Murchisson John is Knowledgeable in:

Crude Oil Processing, Pipeline Cleaning, Non-Acid Well Stimulation,

Techniques Murchisson John Uses:

I usually begin with an Abstract Mathematical Model of the process... then I analyze the model using techniques from both Real & Complex Analysis. This approach gives me a much clearer understanding of the problem and makes the process of identifying solutions simpler.

Murchisson John's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -I have increased the production of heavy & extra-heavy crude oil producing wells using non-acid, matrix stimulating techniques.

    -I have developed a method to burn crude oil with API Gravity less than 12 efficiently at flares

    -I designed equipment to accurately dose chemicals and precisely maintain physical conditions (such as pressure & temperature) in continuously varying, flowing processes.

    -I created and implemented a simple 'low-energy', strategy to to purify oil contaminated tri-ethylene glycol in offshore oil & gas production facilities.

    -I created a mathematical model of a crude oil wash tank ('Gun-Barrel') to give the concentration of each production treating chemical injected upstream, to prevent process upsets.