Problem Solver

mustafa kapasi

Hi there. I believe that the most complex problems have simple insights. All you need is to put your head down and keep digging. I believe in starting the process with preposterous solutions. Earthquake damaging bridges in Japan? Build bridges made of rubber (elastic bridges). Electricity is a problem? Build walkways with weight-activated dynamos. People walk, electricity generates. Simple. The practicality of these solutions in the immediate future seems questionable. But in the long run, who knows...
I like to think. The greater the problem, the more intersting the thought process. Simple

Areas mustafa kapasi is Knowledgeable in:

Communication, paranormal, unlocking mind power, meditation

Techniques mustafa kapasi Uses:

I prefer • Start with the oppostite (it weeds out what not to think) • Study conventional/exixting solutions and enhance their efficiency • Disruptive thinking - retrofit the most wierd idea into the existing premises • Thinking of a single idea that can go 360

mustafa kapasi's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Provide lateral thinking concepts and 'what if's' that open new pathways to find the solution
  2. Keen understanding of human behaviour patterns and their reaction to communication
  3. Ability to sift through data and uncover the basic insight connected to a product need/usage
  4. Conceptualizing communication patterns, marketing ideas and creative renditions

mustafa kapasi's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. One of India's leading travel agency in India with a 30 year legacy came to us – called 'Raja Rani Travels (King n Queen). When established, this was a cool brand catering to a certain section of population. But over the years, Cox and Kings, Kuoni, etc. eroded into their customer base. Though superior, the brand seemed too aged for the new-age travellers. They didn't want to be associated with a brand their parents traveled with. The client refused to change the name since that was a part of the legacy and yet wanted an image makeover.
    We approached the problem from a win-win- situation. Keep the legacy yet project an upbeat image. We devised a new branding 'Magic Carpet'. This became a sub-brand under the Raja Rani umbrella. The legacy gave credence to the sub brand and the refreshing branding attracted younger crowd.
    I was a part in the process of identifying the brand disconnect, the rebranding exercise and the 360 degree brand campaign to launch the sub-brand Magic Carpet.
  2. A real estate client, Ekta Group wanted to market an upcoming residential project at Pune (India). The challenges. A) The location was a bit far b) It was similar to other projects – a complex of four wings of 17 storeys each. With common pool, garden and well-appointed amenities. We had to create a differentiation when none existed. After deliberations, we decided to sell not a project but an experience.
    The result: The project was named: CALIFORNAI. The sunny side of life. It was launched with teasers conveying that the head honchos/starlets/page 3 of Pune were migrating to California. The ensuing buzz was followed by several full spread ads in local dailies showcasing Californian style of living. A guitar in one hand and a glass in another. The extensive 360 launch resulted in the sale of the desired inventories, and at a premium too.
    Herein I was involved from the start to the end. The market study, conceptualising the brand name 'california' and the entire creative process.