Muthu MS

Muthu MS

Muthu MS's Training:

I am teaching and carrying out research projects for the last 16 years in a university set up. Currently i am chairing the department of Pediatric dentistry at Sri Ramachandra University in Chennai, India.

Muthu MS's Experience:

I have been a part of various national level projects which were carried out in collaboration with AIIMS ( All India Institute of Medical Sciences)..
These projects were on "Availability of Dental Resources" across dental colleges in the country.
The sterilization protocols being followed in various dental practices in India. I was the regional coordinator and handles four states field work and execution.

Muthu MS's Experience with Online Groups:

I also run a Network of Exclusive Pediatric Dental Centres with a Korean Collaboration in the name of Pedo Planet - Children Dental Centers...
I have been doing Skype meeting for the last two years with my counterparts in Korea and USA and coordianting the expansion project of the centers across the country in a Franchisee model...