Problem Solver

Nicola Paganotti

Areas Nicola Paganotti is Knowledgeable in:

information tecnology

Nicola Paganotti's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. javascript
  2. css
  3. html
  4. php

Nicola Paganotti's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. What we propose at different levels is to succeed with a client/server program or even
    simply standalone, to build a network of solutions to active/passive problems.
    We set out to create a network that has nothing to do with the social network but a network
    where you can connect by simulating the real network.
    The figures involved are product, project and test manager
    The solution can be product or a concept.
    The user must demonstrate that he knows how to identify solutions to problems.
    The user puts into writing the solution he has in mind and information about multiple problems.
    The user acquires the skills, the skills of problem solving by putting himself at stake on
    a host virtualization infrastructure made available by the xyz company as if
    was a simulation.
    At the end of the practical test he receives a certificate. The certificate is feedback that certifies that
    you operated virtually on their platform.