Problem Solver

Nikhil Pm

Areas Nikhil Pm is Knowledgeable in:

Design of machines and Robotic manipulations are the areas that I am interested in

Nikhil Pm's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Good knowledge in Modelling softwares like Solidworks, PRO-E

Nikhil Pm's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - Currently I am working on developing a surgical robot for performing minimal invasive surgery. It is almost at the stage of completion. It can perform various laproscopic operation with surgeon sitting at any distance
  2. -I also designed a gripper which can be used in nuclear industry by atttaching it with master slave manipulators for handling various nuclear fuels. Main advantage of the designed gripper is that it is dextrous and can handle wide variety of shapes.
  3. - I developed a machine that can fold and paste envelope by its own using a simple mechanism. This machine can be used in places like post offices, telephone office, electricity office etc where they need to paste lots of envelopes every day.