Niklas Hägg star Top Solver

Niklas Hägg's Training:

More than three years of military training from conscript to working naval officer. I consider my officers training to be a good foundation only as my interest in people and leadership has allowed me to evolve far beyond my good results as an officers graduate. www.TED.com is one of many sources for my further advancement that I have been doing on my own since then. I view my time the last two years since I joined Mensa Sweden as a recuperation from school and the role as a facilitator is actually the boyhood dream I never had.

Niklas Hägg's Experience:

I have been working in a virtual team for the last five years but not as the leader of that team. The fact that it is not a challenging job has resulted in a lot of commitment outside of work. My greatest experience so far has been the Mensa Sweden's Gifted Children Programme of which I was the national coordinator for a time.

I gave up the position as the national coordinator as I felt that my level of ambition was so much higher than the rest of the group that my position was best held by someone else. I mention this because I really have the facilitator mindset and all I do is for the group and the end result instead of enforcing my own view at all cost.

Project manager Nordics with a lot of work being done virtually as the head office and R&D department is located on the other side of the world in Sydney.

I've facilitated with IdeaConnection for a few years until 2014.

Niklas Hägg's Experience with Online Groups:

I have also been very much involved in the Gifted Children Programme board in Mensa Sweden which is an almost exclusively virtual team. I was however the one that started as the national coordinator, and as such was responsible for setting up the form of our virtual work. I have been praised for my work by a previous chairman of Mensa Sweden for my contribution in pushing the Gifted Children Programme forward.

Facilitating for a few years for IdeaConnection.