Problem Solver

Nikola Milenković

Nikola Milenković

Areas Nikola Milenković is Knowledgeable in:

1. Entertainment industry
2. Financing
3. Strategic solutions

Techniques Nikola Milenković Uses:

Case study methodology, project management

Nikola Milenković's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Presentation design
  2. Writing reports
  3. Project development
  4. Writing skills
  5. Data interpretation
  6. Microsoft excel
  7. Social media insights analysis
  8. Video editing
  9. Strategic planning
  10. Market research
  11. Financial analysis
  12. Public speaking
  13. Case study problem solving
  14. Risk analysis
  15. Strategic problem solving
  16. Microsoft PowerPoint
  17. Microsoft Word

Nikola Milenković's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I built a strategy for a charity organization to raise money by organizing a Charity concert.
  2. I developed a digital solution to improve sales in the insurance industry.
  3. I built and implemented a strategy for a four day conference named Board the entrepreneurs.
  4. I developed a strategy for a global company P&G to create and market a new line of products.