Problem Solver

Nina Archie

Nina Archie

Areas Nina Archie is Knowledgeable in:

The areas aforementioned above.

Techniques Nina Archie Uses:

Comparison against others
Monitor for weak signals
Comparison of current performance with objectives or past performance
Inverse brainstorming

Nina Archie's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Technical Problem Solver/Researcher

Nina Archie's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I review and assess patent/pct applications of primarily of microbiology, biotechnology, and immunology along with methods of treatment in addition to the areas aforementioend above. I review these patent applications for compliance with formatting and legal requirements within established time frames in a timely manner by utilizing federal regulations, United States Codes and relevant patented/non-patented literature in order, to write detailed actions that outline if the claimed language is rejected under these statutes or if the claimed language has novelty/allowable subject.