Problem Solver

Nirbhai Singh

Nirbhai Singh

Areas Nirbhai Singh is Knowledgeable in:

Natural Language Processing, Algorithms having scalability issues, Mathematical problems.
But Im open minded to work on pretty much anything.
Being a traveller Im always interested in exploring new stuff, new technologies, new problems even if i am not pre-informed about them, I learn on the go.

Nirbhai Singh's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Integral Calculus
  2. Differential calculus
  3. Statistical Analysis
  4. Algebra
  5. Android
  6. JavaScript
  7. CSS
  8. HTML
  9. PL/SQL
  10. SQL
  11. Java
  12. C
  13. Python
  14. C++
  15. Probability
  16. Networks
  17. Discrete Mathematics
  18. Set theory
  19. Mechanics