Oleg Kulikov

Oleg Kulikov
I have invented:
- a MMA welder (a stick welder) and electrode for joining of work pieces from steel alloys with thicknesses in the range of about 0.5-2 mm;
- additives and a method to produce light-weight expended clay pellets for heat isolation with an about two-fold increase in apparent volume of the product;
- processing additives for extrusion of polyethylene to suppress shark0skin instability;
- processing additives for rotomolding of polyethylene to shorten processing times;
- lubricants for IC engines and gears to reduce dramatically friction losses;
- a beehive for tropical climate;
- a simplified method to grow eatable mushrooms;
etc - together about 20 patents for inventions;

Oleg Kulikov's inventions:

Method of determining optical parameters of solid substances
Laser array
Laser cavity
Protecting polymer glass
Adhesion-preventive lubrication
Method for manufacturing of ceramics
Method for treatment of raw granules of clay filler
Apparatus for molding ceramic articles
Inorganic binder, blend and a method of manufacturing
Thermoplastic polymeric material
Method and apparatus for extrusion of thermoplastic material
Method and apparatus for extrusion of thermoplastic material
Thermoplastic material
Method of molding of the thermoplastic organic polymeric material, the composition ot the thermoplastic polymeric material and the lubricant
Thermoplastic polymer
Method of molding thermoplastic material
Polymeric material
Method, apparatus and electrode for stick welding
Extrusion die for eliminating surface melt fracture during extrusion of thermoplastic polymers
Method for molding a thermoplastic Polymeric Material. Apparatus for carrying out said method and the composition of the thermoplastic polymeric material
Thermoplastic Polymer material
Method of processing of a thermoplastic polymeric material, Composition of the thermoplastic polymeric material and lubricant
Method of Processing of Thermoplastic Polymeric Material, an Apparatus and Composition of the Thermoplastic Polymeric Material