Patent Holder

Orlan Ondar

2733248 RU, An electric toothbrush relates to personal care products, oral care products, namely, toothbrushes. The technical problem to be solved by this technical solution is the lack of functional portable electric toothbrushes that are easy to transport and couple bristles for cleaning with a cleaning agent. Similar toothbrush currently on the market do not provide adequate hygiene, namely, cleaning agent is discharged from the bore directly through the bristles, which results in the ingress of catalase, bacteria into the internal container with cleaning agent. This technical problem is solved by achieving such a technical result as improving the quality of brushing teeth, by ensuring the hygiene of the portable electric toothbrush that couples a bristle for cleaning with a cleaning agent. The technical result is achieved due to the fact that the electric toothbrush consists of a bottle body containing the cleaning agent, a neck with a bristle attachment, a push dispenser for feeding the cleaning agent, while the bottle body and the neck with the bristle attachment are connected by a fixing device and move in the longitudinal plane relative to each other, wherein the neck housing comprises an insert-type electric actuator tightly fixed therein, a compartment for at least one battery, an insulating cover of the compartment, and a button for activating the device, wherein the bristle attachment performs a vibration movement, and wherein the spout outlet of the pressure head does not come into contact with the bristle attachment when in the folded position.