Problem Solver

Pam Roes

Pam Roes

Areas Pam Roes is Knowledgeable in:

Innovation,Marketing Automation, Collaboration, Ecommerce, Business Process Movement, Data Integration, Digital Media, Gamification, CRM, Social, Market Research, Customer Satisfaction Measurement, Community Management, Agile Software Development, Mobile, Big Data Analysis & Visualization, & HR Software, Stategies, Training & Organizational Behavior.

Techniques Pam Roes Uses:

* Gain Buying for Sr. Executives, Define Scope/problem, Milestones, & Acheivement
* Develop & Lauch Internal/PartnerCommunication Campains
* Conduct Market Research
* Use Games to Engage all Partiipants & Eliminate Barriers
* Facilitate Brainstorming with Diverse Groups
* Implement Best Software tools to Support Crowdsourcing, Collaboration, Funnel & Rate Ideas, & Reward Participants.
* Set Goals taking an Iteritive Approach, Test, & Measure Progress Incrementally
* Establish Execution Strategy
* Repeat Process

Pam Roes's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I develop Sales/Marketing Strategies & Facilitate Enterprise-Wide Innovation.