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OK. So here's the serious stuff. These people have had their visions, built their dreams, and patented their inventions and processes into potentially monetized products. Not for the faint of heart. Do you belong in these lofty ranks? Add your patents to your profile. You deserve the recognition.

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Michael Bandy
Michael Bandy
Michael Brady
Michael Carter
Michael Cohen
Michael Craner
Michael Heuzenroeder
Michael Holevas
Michael Kaminski
Michael Kardauskas
Michael Leach
Michael Lerner
Michael Lomvardeas
Michael Manion
Michael McLaren
Michael Meusch
Michael Michalczyk
Michael Pirrung
Michael Ricciardi
Michael Schultz
Michael Sherman
Michael Smith
Michael Thelen
Michael Yavilevich
Michael Anthony McKervey
Micheal Egbunike
Michel Klein
Michel Xilinas
Miguel Azar
Miguel Reynolds
Mikaah Mangatoo
Mikaah Mangatoo
Mikael Fernholm
Mikael Hammer
Mike Albu
Mike Fernandes
Mike Williamson, PhD
Mikiyas Gossaye
Milind Kulkarni
Min tet Soon
Minakshi Desai
Ming Dong
Minouti Kamat
Miracle Onoja
Miro Spacek
Mirvahid Ahmadipourinaeim
Moataz Yahya
Mohaamed Hassaaan
Mohamad Reza Mohebian
Mohamed Abdelmohsen
Mohamed Elgohary
Mohamed Elwakdy
Mohamed Ishag
Mohammad Tayyem
Mohammad Younis
Mohammadreza Azarshab
Mohammed Haris
Mohammed Almoataz Yusif
Mohan Devaraj
Mohan Kumar Mecheri Govindan
Mohsen Heidari
Moiz Kitabwalla
Monica Dystant
Monica Santa-Maria
Morteza Ghasemi
Morteza Ghorbani Eftekhar
Morteza Keshavarzi
Moses Amissah
Moti Margalit
Mounir Errami
Moussa Aferdou
Mrinmoy Brahma
Muhammad Khir
Muhammad Qasim khan
Muhammad Saad
Mujeeb ur Rehman Alvi
Mukesh Soni
Murilo Luciano Filho
Musfer Alshamrani
Muthu MS
Muthu Raj
Myriam Loda
N/a N/a
Nabil Omar
Nailong Wu
Nakkeeran Singaravelu
Namene Nsiipu
Naser Fahiminia
Nasha Wilson
Nasir Hasan Sk
Natali Yakeemovich
Natasha Jaiswal
Nate Wightman
Natheir HASAN
Naushad Ali
Neil Farbstein
Nemanja Radovanovic
Nermin Djuzic
Ngọc Ngô Nguyễn Thiên Hồng
Nicholas Staten

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