Problem Solver

Patricia Miki Dash

Patricia Miki Dash

Areas Patricia Miki Dash is Knowledgeable in:

Small to medium size businesses, can be sole proprietorship, artists/musicians, crafts; can be firms willing to expand; can be brand new businesses needing mission statement, value statement, vision statements, goal statements; or firms reorganizing and wanting to upgrade their software to create a more efficient facility. I will also do extensive research to write up a plan of operation with an estimate of how much the upgrade/changes will cost.

Techniques Patricia Miki Dash Uses:

1. Research the current customer's problem, and others in the same predicament, 2. Explore what the current "norms" of that problem are. 3. Make sure the customer's status is legal and legitimate. Create a flow chart outlining each step of the processes, to find out where that process is out of sync--if it is, at that point. 4. Examine what the options are for altering the path. 5. If there appears to be a solution, find out what the ramifications could be, taking that alternate path. 6. Continue the journey through the end process, making sure that there are no other hiccups. 7. Create a model to simulate the new processes to see if the process is smooth yet transparent. 8. If the model does appear to work, then ease the process back into the plan.

Patricia Miki Dash's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. healthcare trauma risk management, clinical trials, benchmarking

Patricia Miki Dash's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Under a grant award to NSUH to track and manage trauma services in the County of Nassau, responsible for all data and initial analysis of Nassau County hospitals’ response for benchmarking level of care and efficiency—affecting morbidity and mortality as well as costs absorbed by the hospitals. The study examines all hospitals, Level I, II, and III, as they pertain to the Trauma Golden Hour—data used by NYS trauma guidelines.
  2. As Trauma Database Manager/Analyst created proprietary software for Trauma Service, Department of Surgery, tracking patients (EMS, ED, through hospital length of stay). A model program, eventually put into practice, enabled the hospital to reduce the length of stay for trauma due to earlier discharge planning and contacting transfer facilities earlier.
  3. Data cleaning and analysis of compliance and quality indicators care for HIV/AIDS mothers, children and infants in various stages of disease; within one year achievement of reduction of database transfer errors from 17% to negligible.
  4. Academic research projects and ability to document and write up product of research.
  5. For small businesses--regardless of size, can be small sole proprietorship: Vision statements, goal statements, mission statements, and business plans.
  6. As a Client Services Database Specialist responsible for proprietary software changes and upgrades for both U.S. and European programs; create programs for performance measures and metrics with analytical proprietary software—this is my proprietary software, and prior to my innovation, this was nonexistent. Institution of data cleaning proprietary software for transfer data through made error rate from 9% to negligible.
  7. Research in most non-technical fields, i.e., art, design, social, healthcare, risk management, business, ethics, and computer technology, with write-up of findings.
  8. - Specialize in niche firms, creative and innovative firms, as well as firms reorganizing to move forward with improved knowledge. Most of the niche firm reconstruction is to use blue ocean strategy (BOS) as the framework.
  9. - Database Specialist and Research Data Analyst with proven experience in grant and practice management as well as benchmarking, performance measurement, and metrics in both healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.
  10. - Experience includes, yet not limited to: project management, managing budgets and financial expenditures, working with income, expense, and liability statements accounts; financial reports (balance sheet; income statement; statement of cash flows; statement of owner equity); and, business and financial analysis.