Problem Solver

Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds

Areas Patrick Reynolds is Knowledgeable in:

Ecological, environmental, solid and liquid pollution, social areas

Techniques Patrick Reynolds Uses:

Linkage from within my area or the are of other. Cross-ferilisation. Meditation, pineal gland stimulation. I have no intent on patenting my ideas. I work today to solve problems and help others. I have extensive knowledge of the patenting process and have worked closely with Graham Barker to design the website, A Better Mousetrap (, which provides extensive guidance for inventors. I designed and have managed a website ( during the past 7 years for Professor Richard Carter that focuses on behavioural foundations of effective problem solving, which has increased my understanding of this process considerably.

Patrick Reynolds's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. The ability to think outside of the box. In fact, for me there is no box.

Patrick Reynolds's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have 40 years experience of a varied scientific background. I have invented many devices or developed ideas. These include ambient subway advertising, heated face masks, the reduction of internet clothes purchase returns, therapeutic visual fractal display with specific sound frequencies for PTSD and anxiety sufferers, the use of encryption technology to validate the authenticity of photographic and video materials, new method for landfill gas measurement, estimation of the effect airborne chemicals for reduction in fertilisation, underground freight transport via pressure systems. Information on each can be validated for each innovation on request. Something to note is that most of the ideas or developments that I have are approximately 10 years in advance of their seeing the 'light of day'.