Problem Solver

Patrick Schaufelberger

Areas Patrick Schaufelberger is Knowledgeable in:

Linux/Unix, Aerobics (Les Mills), Aviation, Biking, Nature, Aquaponics, Aquariums, Animals

Techniques Patrick Schaufelberger Uses:

For project management the usual tools from Gannt charts to system engineering, strategy maps, balanced scorecards. Tools depend on the project.

For software engineering: git, UML, Object oriented programming and patterns, pair programming, extreme programming. Never used Scrumm but familiar with the concept. Usually relying on Open Source software.

Patrick Schaufelberger's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Technology scouting (Technology scouting and technical profile writing, own dedicated scripting algorithms to collect data, sys
  2. Management accounts (Balance Sheets, Income statements, Cost controlling, Discounted Cash Flows and Investment comparisons)
  3. Cross Cultural understanding (12 years in China, soft factors skills, 5 languages)
  4. Software engineering (Java, C++, SQL, Objective C, HTML/Javascript, Unix/Linux/Mac, git, scripting)
  5. End-to-End Project management (Contract negotiations, Target costing, Gantt and resources, System Engineering, IT planning)
  6. Interim Management in China (accounting process outsourcing, project management outsourcing)

Patrick Schaufelberger's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I managed the accounting process of foreign small and medium enterprises in China, from bridging with local accountants to interact with the local government on behalf of clients and provide an English language interface and due diligence layer.
  2. I managed an IT outsourcing project in objective C for private Swiss investors, hiring the necessary developers, helping along their development and monitoring progress and quality.
  3. A top-5 European telecom firm with own R&D center in China needed to access the “latest innovations in China in the field of mobile communications applications”. AsiaCompete scanned >3000 high-tech start-ups, resulting in 30 start-up profiles. I helped to engage in joint R&D collaborations and co- investments with some of the identified companies
  4. A leading global air compressor manufacturer wanted to evaluate the possibility to engineer a compressor's key component in China. I supported the client by screening and qualifying best research partners and key universities, gave key recommendations on innovation and IP protection in China.
  5. Another top European telecom firm wanted information on the latest technologies and developments in the World. I provided Technology updates and valuations from China delivering more than 20 relevant technology topics/year. I also helped their management team when they came to China for their technology exploration and acquisition tour, introducing more than 20 companies, organizing their meetings with top executives and supporting them during business negotiation with local companies both in China (5 days) and in Korea (5 days)
  6. An american Chemical company opened a new R&D centre in Shanghai and asked us to support the new management with information on polyurethane based products and on the polyurethane research landscape. I systematically screened the Chinese market, universities, science parks and provided an in-depth analysis of all state-driven research and project financing.
  7. A major VC firm wanted to diversify its global portfolio with early-stage investments in the environmental/energy sector in China. I explored existing and emerging start-ups within university incubators, science parks, and local VCs, leading to several introductions of Chinese companies to this VC for investment by global clients
  8. I provided financial software engineering in Java, C++ and PL/SQL in a Client/Server environment for a leading Swiss bank. 5 years project with 40 developers involved.
  9. I provided a report on success factors of “green” R&D in China that included 3 case studies with China based companies (2 Chinese, 1 Foreign company) pertaining to energy efficiency, pulp & paper and wind turbines.