Problem Solver

Paul Pastore

Paul Pastore

Areas Paul Pastore is Knowledgeable in:

video retail, movies, television, screen or stage play writing

Techniques Paul Pastore Uses:

I was hired to write an action/heist movie from 200 plus pages of hand-written notes from a producer. After hand-typing the entire document into my screenwriting software, I broke the story down into structurally, plot, and characters. After breaking down a similar commercially successful film, I was able to re-structure the notes into a viable outline, then re-wrote the entire screenplay. The client was happy and the screenplay is currently on Martin Scorsese's desk awaiting his approval.

Paul Pastore's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Screenwriting (dramatic structure, character research and development, and story analysis)

Paul Pastore's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. • Coordinated operations and served as troubleshooter for all locations of a 20-25 video store franchise in Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven counties.
    • Instrumental in several store openings, determining store layout and sales floor design. Developed merchandise displays and initial inventory to maximize product exposure and increase sales.
    • Oversaw and completed all store re-models, construction, fixture repair, flood remediation, and inventory liquidations.
    • Performed monthly store performance audits and periodic inventory audits when employee theft was suspected. Effectively reduced shrinkage with strict inventory control.
    • Facilitated smooth management transition upon company buy-out as one of only two office employees retained by new owners.