Problem Solver

Paul Whalen

Areas Paul Whalen is Knowledgeable in:

Marine wild life; Oil & Gas; Dive/Salvage

Techniques Paul Whalen Uses:

I am AN ARTIST/designer

Paul Whalen's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. former derrickman, oil & Gas drilling
  2. commercial vessel operator
  3. art design
  4. diver
  5. National standard construction safety officer/paramedic

Paul Whalen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed and built a prototype oil skimmer in 1988. It was tested and emonstrated before the DFO, and CCG and subsequently the project was promised million dollar funding by Imperial oil and its inteernational director of oil spill research. Infinite element analysis was requested throught the TUNS university vessel research department and one year later tests showed a 50 percent capture of oil simulated @500 gallons a minute at a speed over water of 5 knots. A caveat was filed with patent agents in Canada, funded by the NRC and a contract was offered for a seaworthy vessel .