Problem Solver

Pauline Cherotich

Pauline Cherotich

Areas Pauline Cherotich is Knowledgeable in:

Government diplomacy and protocol, Induction and training of all in diplomacy and protocol practice

Techniques Pauline Cherotich Uses:

Diplomacy training, teaching skills, induction and simulations hands on skills

Pauline Cherotich's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Diplomacy and protocol: how to use negotiation and problem solving in enhancing community relations to improve service delivery
  2. Healthcare: how to use spices, fruits,vegetables and herbs to gradually reduce weight to create wealth
  3. Image matters: how to dress for your body type to increase success in creating and accumulating wealth
  4. Motivational skills: how to improve your focus and self esteem for success
  5. Education and training : How to create training modules for in house training and induction of new staff in Customer Care, Cust

Pauline Cherotich's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed and implemented protocol practice and procedures for high level meetings, negotiations, conferences, Arrivals and Departures airport protocol at National Level
  2. developed and using selected spices, herbs , fruits and vegetables to reduce and maintain specific weight on a personal level
  3. Image Matters: Developed and implemented a distinctive wardrobes for high level staff to motivate them for increased visibility of services to citizens at National Level
  4. Motivation: Developed training modules for high level and cross sector protocol staff for improved service delivery and upward mobility at National Level
  5. Education and Training: Developed and implemented training modules and quarterly monitoring survey for serving and newly recruited staff