Problem Solver

Periasamy Parikumar

Areas Periasamy Parikumar is Knowledgeable in:

Health, Renewable Energy and House hold health products

Techniques Periasamy Parikumar Uses:

The technique is when a plate like structure is compressed by the human body weight or by the weight of the vehicles, the linear motion is converted in to a rotational movement to rotate a turbine , which intern is connected to the dynamo. So, all human movements can contribute to power production.

Periasamy Parikumar's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I can make multiple patents on a single concept and make it work.

Periasamy Parikumar's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a new renewable energy concept which is patent pending in India and in the US, published by the USPTO. This concept could be used to generate green energy from shoes, floors and roads, power production ranging from microwatts to gigawatts. I have the prototypes and proof of concept and the power measurements were done by India's most prestigious institutions.