Problem Solver

Peter Buerki

Areas Peter Buerki is Knowledgeable in:

vacuum technology, gas sensing, prototyping, proof of concept studies, LabVIEW

Techniques Peter Buerki Uses:

Research technologies in a wide range of technological fields. Adapting existing technologies to new applications for which they were not originally designed. Strong out of the box thinking. Combine creativity with good intuition.

Peter Buerki's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. x-ray fluorescence
  2. electron microscopy
  3. spectroscopy
  4. optics
  5. tunable laser
  6. QCL laser
  7. CO2 laser
  8. infrared spectroscopy
  9. laser spectroscopy
  10. chemical vapor deposition
  11. volatile organic carbons
  12. vapor detection
  13. specialty gas
  14. calibration gas
  15. gas sensors
  16. atomizer technologies
  17. spray technologies
  18. particle technologies
  19. aerosols
  20. nanopowder
  21. laser synthesis
  22. Cryogenics
  23. application development
  24. prototype design
  25. LabVIEW
  26. atomic absorption spectroscopy
  27. inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
  28. surface area analysis
  29. Grams 32
  30. OMNIC
  31. software
  32. diamond
  33. gem stones
  34. minerals
  35. fluorescence
  36. pearls

Peter Buerki's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Designed and built autosampler for existing isotope ratio mass spectrometer for the analysis of air samples. I was the only contributor to the project.
  2. Designed and novel helium exchange gas cryostat for the collection of air samples in collaboration with the manufacturer. I was driving the design process specifying the requirements and making suggestions for major modification to an existing design.
  3. Designed, built and programmed robotic vacuum extraction line to extract and purify prehistoric air from ice core samples. I was the main contributor to the project with some help of a technician.
  4. Developed novel technology to scale-up existing industrial laser synthesis process for manufacturing of battery materials. Was core contributor to multidisciplinary team researching and proposing candidate technologies that may accomplish the scale-up goals and lead the experiments to evaluate each technology. The technology resulted in a patent.
  5. Conducted proof of concept study to create new form of low sodium nutritional salt using innovative technology from a different field that I adapted to this project. I was the main contributor with an intern and a chemical engineer to help me. The process is confidential. The customer is planning on filing a patent.