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Peter Murdoch star Proven Solver

Peter Murdoch
If you have a problem that is considered impossible to solve then I am interested.
Many problems are difficult to solve because the scope of possible solution methods is over constrained.

Areas Peter Murdoch is Knowledgeable in:

Electrical machines.
Aerodynamic devices.
Spray nozzles and internal combustion engines.
CAD technology.

Techniques Peter Murdoch Uses:

I look for parallel solutions in nature. For instance, nature develops solutions that are optimized over vast periods of time, it is a filter system where the weak solutions die out. If you create a complex solution is usually creates another set of complex issues.

Peter Murdoch's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. CFD, FEA, C++, MEMS, Spray Atomization, CAD design, Gas Turbine design.

Peter Murdoch's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Invented a new bidirectional variable pitch statorless reaction turbine for a wave energy converter.
  2. Developing a new CAD method that uses a continuum definition to define both the geometry and the solution method. It is an n-dimensional definition that uses a spectral shape function to describe both the geometry and solve the fluid mechanics and structural mechanics. It describes a component/part as a single n-dimensional equation which enables the computation of the exact solution.
  3. I discovered the Spatial Twist Continuum, the global connectivity constraint of a Hexahedral mesh. Developing an automatic 3D hex meshing program using this method.
  4. Invented an air assist fuel injector with a shock wave nozzle with a 140% reduction in SMD.