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Piotr Sokoliński

Piotr Sokoliński > Strong technical skills with competence on products/projects engineering and development in paper/heavy industry. Leadership and technical consulting, coaching abilities. Growing skills in technical sales, business development and projects management. Experience in international projects environment: Europe/USA/LatAm/Asia/Oceania/Russia. Drive for continuous improvement due to self-learning attitude and curiosity.
> Specialties: product and technology development, mechanical engineering, paper machinery, project engineering, technical consulting

I am looking for opportunity to contribute in engineering/product challenges as I love this specific blend of technical and various customer topics which machinery/technology suppliers have.

I have a strong technical background in custom made machinery and recently gained extensive business overview in process industry - including top management’s view on technology and technical/commercial positioning of suppliers. I am exceptionally good with clients and have proven track record of solving their problems with clever concept engineering. I’m ideally looking for position with mix of products/concepts and competition on the market place while keeping a look for bigger picture.

If there are any challenges that might be a good fit for someone passionate about machines and technology, with experience on both side of business (supplier/customer) and a desire to learn, I’d love to be considered.

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