Problem Solver

Piotr Sokoliński

Piotr Sokoliński

Areas Piotr Sokoliński is Knowledgeable in:

Paper industry, heavy industry, tailor made machinery, mechanical engineering, product design and development

Piotr Sokoliński's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Design and operation of heavy machinery
  2. Paper making technology
  3. Design, manufacturing and commercial aspects of tailor made machines

Piotr Sokoliński's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -I developed almost from scratch product for supplier of capital equipment. This was specific part of paper machine. Product development included mechanical engineering, manufacturing aspects, hydraulic design and controls. I was also key person in sourcing and sales of this product. Product value 1 to~3 M eur. Total revenues of this produc were in range of 10M eur/ year.

    -I developed and implemented several paper machines rebuild scenarios - from general optimizations to product portfolio changes, Projects 5 to 120M Eur. I focused on non standard scenarios involving existing assets.