Problem Solver

Porsché Brownridge, MSCJ

Porsché Brownridge, MSCJ

Areas Porsché Brownridge, MSCJ is Knowledgeable in:

Legal research and Interpretation
Business problem solving
content and technical writing

Techniques Porsché Brownridge, MSCJ Uses:

When addressing a problem, state the specific problem outright. Assess the problem and identify any underlying or potentially recurring issues that may be associated. Brainstorm 3 different methods of resolution. Test each resolution out under a simulated model to gauge time efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Porsché Brownridge, MSCJ's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Organize and collaborate with variety of diverse people to meet a desired, shared goal
  2. Strong command on professional speech and Employment writing materials
  3. Assess, Identify and create resolution for existing businesses processes to prevent bottleneck
  4. Creating content writing for landing pages for websites
  5. Conducted operational research for upcoming startup to improve systems for expansion of clientele

Porsché Brownridge, MSCJ's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have orchestrated a marketing plan and collaborated with peers on design for startup expansion for 3 startup companies
  2. I have assessed, identified, and submitted proposals to existing businesses on potential and existing business practices that may lead to legal recourse if not properly handled. As well as given resolution. For example, lack of ASL or other disability services that creates a perception of discrimination.