Problem Solver

Pradeep Krishna Rao

Areas Pradeep Krishna Rao is Knowledgeable in:

AutoCAD design and drafting, Web Development, Database programming, Civil Engineering, Adobe PhotoShop, 3D modelling

Techniques Pradeep Krishna Rao Uses:

I would like to observe the current state of the problem and after I get the insight of the problem I would like to splice up the project , then take up the project in small increments. And maintain a steady pace to finish the project.

Pradeep Krishna Rao's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Web Development, Content Management System

Pradeep Krishna Rao's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I had created walk through 3D simulations and rendering using AutoCAD. I have Web Developer and Drupal content management internship experience. I had worked as Cadd Engineer and well versed with AutoCAD. I have knowledge in creating web apps and mobile apps.