Problem Solver

Rafif Wirareswara

Rafif Wirareswara

Areas Rafif Wirareswara is Knowledgeable in:

Everything about engineer

Techniques Rafif Wirareswara Uses:

I did deep learning and deep thinking to create an innovation design that no one ever think
And make a system that can work with renewable source

Rafif Wirareswara's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Calculate complex problem for different perspective
  2. Make a program artificial system
  3. Lead the hard work team
  4. Public speaking
  5. Crative thinking out of the world
  6. Design complex mechanical machine
  7. Make the most effective and efficiency machine wiht futuristic design

Rafif Wirareswara's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have made the central arm robot component that could make industrial world more efficient
  2. I have made the integrated magnetic train system for a thousand island country like Indonesia
  3. I have made the Nanotechnology called Artificial Molecule that could solved world problem
  4. I have made the prototype of futuristic jetpack for one person Transportation