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Rakesh Vohra star Proven Solver

Rakesh Vohra
I have been awarded several patents for innovative devices, enzymes and metabolites, the most recent one being a US patent.

Vohra, R.M., U.C. Banerjee and S. Dube An improved process for enzymatic transformation of Rifamycin B. Indian Patent No. 173529

Vohra, R.M. and Sonawane, V.C. A process for the preparation of cephalosporin acylase. Indian Patent No. 184693.

Rakesh Sharma and Rakesh M. Vohra. A process for the preparation of thermostable and alkalostable hydantoinase. Indian Patent No. 18548

Jasbir Singh, R.M. Vohra & D.K. Sahoo. A process for the isolation of a novel alkalophilic strain of Bacillus sphaericus which produces alkaline protease. 1313/DEL/99

R.S. Jolly, R.M. Vohra and I. Kumar. A process for the preparation of a novel esterase for the production of Enantiomerically pure D (-)-3-Acetythio-2-methylpropanoic acid from DL (+)-Methyl 2-acetylthio-2-methylpropanoate. 1287/DEL/99

A. Singla, J. Agrewala,R.S. Jolly and R. M. Vohra. (WO/2007/031832) Use of Bipyridine Compound 'Caerulomycin A' Derivatives and Analogs There of As Immunosuppressive Agents.
US Patent 8114895 B2 Granted Feb14, 2012