Problem Solver

Ralph Morales

Ralph Morales

Areas Ralph Morales is Knowledgeable in:

Commercial Internet of Things
Wearables features and solutions
Application of Technology to enable Autism Spectrum outcomes

Techniques Ralph Morales Uses:

It depends on the type of innovation issue: Early stage empathy interview & design thinking to understand teh jobs to be done, a lean method + real option mash-up that I developed for guiding LOFA / Kill-shot experiment prioritization, lean experimentation methodology for learning adn developing opportunities.

Ralph Morales's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Innovation Planning
  2. Financial Modeling

Ralph Morales's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed a IoT wearable + fixed sensing data fusion solution with predictive and recommendation engines for users.
  2. I developed a innovation experiment prioritization methodology used to increase Return on Innonvation 30x.
  3. Co-patented a novel Memristor solution for EKG biometric security that utilized 100x less power (solid state + no AC/DC convertor) for wearables.