Problem Solver

Ran Manor

Ran Manor

Areas Ran Manor is Knowledgeable in:

Innovation, Hi-Tech, Lean Startup, Health innovation, Telemedicine

Techniques Ran Manor Uses:

Multidisciplinary approaches with a lot of experience, Lean canvas is a key tool to identify and develop optimal strategy, Utilizing technology, common sense

Ran Manor's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Strategic medical device development
  2. Lean startup
  3. Business model canvas
  4. Innovation leadership

Ran Manor's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I led the development team that developed a sniper detection system
  2. I led an R&D team that developed an optical wireless (free space optics) system from start to market stage
  3. I led an R&D team from start to finish, that developed a medical device that prevents hip fractures by identifying a fall in progress and inflating 2 airbags to reduce impact.
  4. I mentored multiple startup CEO's in developing and implementing their strategies
  5. I trained multiple startups on Lean startup and Business model canvas
  6. I led a health-tech startup incubator's business services
  7. I built an Innovation group at a senior geriatric centre
  8. Developed prototype 3D stereoscopic system for real estate and health applications
  9. I built a telemedicine platform for a hospital
  10. I implemented an innovation management platform in a hospital