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Ravinder Bhardwaj

Ravinder Bhardwaj

Areas Ravinder Bhardwaj is Knowledgeable in:

Biology, Physics, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry only, any pharmacy and biomedical science related problem.

Techniques Ravinder Bhardwaj Uses:

During my MSc research work I was given 3-carboxy-proxyl (3CP) (a concentrated liquid). I was required to dilute it in PBS (phosphate buffer solution) to make various serial dilutions but 3CP was insoluble in it - a big problem for me because I had to test the free radical scavanging effect of 3CP on DNA damage in mallalian ovarian cells in various dose levels. In order to sole the problem I thought of solving it in such a liquid which does not have its own effect on cells, can solublise 3CP and it self can be soluble in PBS. Therefore I tried DMSO (dimethyl suphoxide), it was great - it worked. Thus, I measured the required amount of 3CP to make stock solution in DMSO then the reuired volume of 3CP solution was mixed with PBS solution to make various serial dilution (lower concentrations).

Ravinder Bhardwaj's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. PCR, RT-PCR, Bioinformatics, nucleotide gel analysis, cell culture, transfection, plasmid extraction, restriction digest

Ravinder Bhardwaj's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Solubalising to insoluble liquids