Problem Solver

Raymond Van Ophoven

Areas Raymond Van Ophoven is Knowledgeable in:

mechanical engineering

Techniques Raymond Van Ophoven Uses:

brainstorming on engineering problems

Raymond Van Ophoven's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. ergonomic optimisation
  2. mechanical engineering 3D
  3. product design 3D
  4. engineering for manufacturing
  5. industrial design
  6. interaction design
  7. javascripting
  8. ajax
  9. html5
  10. webdevelopment
  11. websites
  12. cms

Raymond Van Ophoven's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. development of childplay structures included material selection and optimisation of product design for injection moulding and rotation moulding
    development of restraint systems for rollercoasters including engineering of safety lockings
    design 3D of vehicle bodies for rollercoasters including ergonomic optimisation of seats