Problem Solver

Razvan Nitu

Razvan Nitu

Areas Razvan Nitu is Knowledgeable in:

creativity, advertising, music, art, human relatinoships

Techniques Razvan Nitu Uses:

focusing on a subject in a logical, analytical way, brainstorming..

Razvan Nitu's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. reliable
  2. smart
  3. communicative
  4. clever
  5. affable
  6. creative

Razvan Nitu's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I invented a system that generates compatibility between human relationships in online, based on musical tastes.
  2. - I have an idea about a principle whereby each person receives a badge ranking which has the role of establishing and positioning in a erarhie, in order to build a scale of value, knowldge, and many other particular skills for business class and contacts, employer, etc.
  3. - I built up a strategy to excange political area with management.