Problem Solver

Rebecca Jefferson

Rebecca Jefferson

Areas Rebecca Jefferson is Knowledgeable in:

Education, blindness, leukemia, chemo side effects, medical devices, sibling relationships, child development, blindness, low vision, teaching devices

Techniques Rebecca Jefferson Uses:

Inquiry, cause and effect, applied research

Rebecca Jefferson's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Modifying clothing and other items for medical needs and devices
  2. Braille, producing tactile models and teaching tools, research, teaching, computer science
  3. Training paraprofessionals and other teachers

Rebecca Jefferson's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I develop tactile teaching tools for blind and low vision students.
    I have 13 years experience teaching a variety of special education areas as well as consulting for several school corporations.
    I have developed and adapted clothing for individuals with medical devices and needs.
    I have performed educational research in several areas.
    I have performed dog guide training as well as cane training and developed mobility devices.