Problem Solver

Reuben Oder star Proven Solver

Areas Reuben Oder is Knowledgeable in:

Mechanical problem solving. Consumer products. Plastic part design. Mold design.

Techniques Reuben Oder Uses:

I often solve problems via analogy. Also, I create diverse teams to bring in different view points and experiences. I like to attack a problem first alone and without awareness of how others have solved similar problems. This is important because I don't want to be polluted and have paradigms about the solution. Then, after a short while, I research patents and other channels to understand the technology space and how others have attacked the problem. I thumb through magazines and force my self to apply a totally unrelated picture to the problem. This introduces randomness and leads to unexpected directions, which often leads to patentable solutions. I apply my knowledge of physics and manufacturing to real world problems for solutions, which are also actionable/manufacturable.

Reuben Oder's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Technology scouting
  2. Concept Design (consumer products)
  3. Mechanical Design
  4. Mold and Tooling Design
  5. Mold and Tooling Fabrication
  6. Predictive Engineering - Modeling & Simulation
  7. Plastic Part design
  8. Mold Processing
  9. Creative problem solving - 19 patents received in ~ 5 year period
  10. Communication skills
  11. People management skills
  12. Relationship building
  13. Open Innovation
  14. Translate consumer insight in to consumer product concepts
  15. Package and delivery system design
  16. Metal fabrication

Reuben Oder's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. My client had a formula, which off gassed over time and pressurized a bottle. The dispenser on the end of the bottle was a roller ball with an over cap. When the consumer inverted the bottle and depressed the ball the first time, a shotgun blast of pressurized product resulted. I conceived and designed an over cap, which depressed and "burped" the gas pressure safely from the bottle in the upright position. I received a patent for my design.
  2. My client needed a tamper evident feature for a pivoting dispensing closure. I went above and beyond this request by conceiving a tamper evident feature combined with a toggling switch. When pressed for the first time by the consumer, a feature ruptured and was a visual clue it had been opened. Secondly, the package could only be opened when the switch was pressed, which kept the package securely closed in a suitcase and addressed a big consumer complaint that beauty care products leaked when traveling. I received a patent for my concept.
  3. My client wanted a convenient and inexpensive way to deliver a dose of warm skin lotion for single use. I conceived a plug in device, which accepted a sachet of skin lotion. A LED lit during the warming cycle and then signaled when desired temperature was reached. I received a patent for my concept.
  4. My client needed to dispense a foam using an aerosol can package, while ensuring it would only dispense when inverted. I conceived and designed an aerosol valve with an internal ball, which rolled due to gravity and blocked dispensing if the can package was in an upright vs. inverted position. I received a patent for my design.
  5. I solved a spray pump priming problem by conceiving and designing a "dunnage" valve, which displaced volume and enabling priming. This avoided cost of molding a separate part. I received a patent for this design.
  6. My client wanted a breakthrough concept for a liquid detergent pump. I conceived a package/system whereby a purchased bottle of detergent was "docked" on top of a pump stand. This was unique because most pumps are placed on top of a bottle. I received a patent for my concept.