Problem Solver

Reza Fard-Aghaie

Reza Fard-Aghaie

Areas Reza Fard-Aghaie is Knowledgeable in:

polyurethane flexible moulded , slab stock foam , flame retardants, Amine catalysts, Silicone surfactants

Techniques Reza Fard-Aghaie Uses:

 Strong technical feeling through quickly analyzing pros and contras of products and technologies
 Team work
 Innovation through excellent technical skills
 Very good capability for connecting technical performance with market and business needs
 Ability to build strong relationships
 Need for closure and continuous drive towards improvement
 Ability to comprehend diverse cultures

Reza Fard-Aghaie's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Polyurethane Application Development and Technical Service Specialist

Reza Fard-Aghaie's Problem Solving Experience:

  1.  Application development of new PU additives in automotive application.

     Application development of new PU additives in slab stock and furniture application.

     Development of surfactants and catalyst blends. Introduction of the new
    Non- Fugitive catalysts (patent granted) for conventional PU systems.

     Blocking agents (patent granted) with improved flowability and reduced foam density in cold cure flexible foam applications. Adapting the very same technology for flexible slab stock applications.

     Development of several physical properties test methods.

     Application development & technical support to processing and self-formulating customers.

     In depth understanding of laboratory work with strong safety background.

     Development and support of technical projects on high and low pressure PU machines.