Rich Mcdonald

Rich Mcdonald
- Ph.D. in Molecular Biology [Advisors: Drs. Mikulas Popovic and Suzanne Gartner].
- My biomedical research training began at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Cancer Institute, Department of Cancer Biology and Diagnosis.
- I have research experience at the Primate Research Institute (NASA space monkey facility in New Mexico).
- My postdoc experience with at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.
- I have field diagnostics experience with the 520th Theater Army Medical Laboratory.
- I also have experience with biotech and nonprofit organizations.
- I was peer reviewer for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency Joint Science and Technology Office, Office for Chemical and Biological Defense (2009).
- I oversaw hundreds of grant review committees for the multi-billion dollar Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (1995-1998).
- I evaluate current and emerging technologies for The Science Advisory Board since 2001.