Problem Solver

Richard Hamm

Areas Richard Hamm is Knowledgeable in:

Physics, effusivity engineering as regards surface temperature management of substrates with an internal heat source, material science as regards surface and bulk modification with pulsed intense light, Pulse Power, High Voltage, high power flashlamp design and applications, electro-thermodynamics, bio-electric effects on plant growth, among other fields.

Techniques Richard Hamm Uses:

I like to listen and learn as much as I can in the beginning. I will spend a significant effort looking at previously published research and technical reports. I also consult with others if possible. Also, I like to "play" in the lab to learn more about the subject or examine the nature of the problem, if practical. I will do modeling where possible and software and information is available. I believe modeling can be useful, but not to be the only source of validation.

Richard Hamm's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Plant Science: Researcher of effects of plant exposure to strong electric fields-plant growth experiments
  2. Nanotech: Developed pulsed intense optical sintering process for printed nano-metal ink
  3. Thermodynamics: Novel heating and cooling technologist and researcher using pulse power and effusivity engineered surfaces
  4. Medical Devices: Designed, built, tested prototype flashlamp based dermatology treatment device for elimination of leg veins
  5. Optical Science: High power Xenon flashlamp system/component designer-app's-coating removal, sterilization, inter alia
  6. Physics: High Voltage Pulse power systems designer and researcher
  7. Optical science: Material & surface modification using intense UV system designer and researcher
  8. Professional Inventor: Worked in R&D and Product Development since 1983; inventor 8 patents and 3 current patent applications
  9. Optical Science: Intense Pulsed Ultraviolet systems designer and applications researcher
  10. Professional Problem Solver: Worked in corporate R&D and Product Development since 1983

Richard Hamm's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have designed systems, devices, new and novel processes for a variety of commercial activities. These include aircraft paint stripping, food and cosmetics sterilizers, high power (film) treatment using pulsed UV for bulk and surface modification, dermatology optical treatment device for treating skin conditions, data acquisition and system controls for automotive bearing testing, novel liquid level measurement process, pulsed UV water purification system, process for sintering printed nano-metal ink on low temperature substrates, pulse power heating process for aerospace in-flight de-icing applications, and novel heating/ cooling amplification process using effusivity engineering.

    I also worked for three years as a shipboard Electromagnetic Interference troubleshooter for the US Navy. I worked on all shipboard transmitter and receiver systems including weapons fire control, communications, navigation, and electronic warfare systems.