Problem Solver

Richard Troutt

Areas Richard Troutt is Knowledgeable in:

Tool and die service problems
eliminating manufacturing bottle necks
solving manual machining issues
solving maufacturing quality problems

Techniques Richard Troutt Uses:

Common sense
Deductive reasoning
Contact persons involved for feedback
determine best solution taking into account cost factors and sourrounding influences

Richard Troutt's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Manufacturing Problem solver, journeyman tool & die maker

Richard Troutt's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 1960, Paranite Wire, Marion, IN
    I increased wire production by 20% on one machine line with a simple gear change.

    1966, Fisher Body Marion, IN
    suggestion was accepted to convert line from 5 operators to 2

    1984, Dana Corp. Marion, In
    I reduced a 4 hour chngeover to 20 minutes
    I personally wrote the skilled trades agreement with regards to grievences with great success.
    1990, SCM Marion IN
    I increased the reliability of the file folder line by 1200 %. I reduced shaft failIure by substituting a better grade of material.

    1994, B. Walter Wabash, IN
    I became toolroom supervisor building and servicing dies and training personnel.
    1998, Wabash,IN
    I became the fifth machinist eventually replacing the other 4