Problem Solver

Rinocen Canoy

Rinocen Canoy

Areas Rinocen Canoy is Knowledgeable in:

1. Plastics & Rigid Polyurethane foam - chemistry, process-improvement & application techniques
2. Grit-Shot Blasting & Epoxy Coating techniques
3. QMS, EHSMS, Industrial Pollution Control, Lab Experiment & Testing
4. Technical Writing - QMS-&-EHSMS procedure, TDS & MSDS development, instruction, inspection & test forms,
5. Waste management related study - Conversion Process and Product Development

Techniques Rinocen Canoy Uses:

I employed the basic concept of chemistry, chemical & industrial engineering while using international standard references aided by technology, supplier supports, lab-testing and application validation techniques. Long-term experiment is a key.

Rinocen Canoy's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Chemistry- laboratory testing - chemical, physical, thermal properties & R&D
  2. Material Science - R&D in rubber, plastics, polyurethane, GRP, specialty chemicals & waste management
  3. Biomass, Environment, Green Technology, Recycling, Waste Management: WasteConversion - Plastics, Compost, Biogas, Incineration
  4. Waste Management - project study and implementation in total waste conversion concept
  5. Engineering-Chemical- chemical processes, plant design & management, R&D
  6. Professional Problem Solver- related to QMS & EHSMS, & in Manufacturing Eqpt, Process, Materials-selection, Staffing-training
  7. Technical Writing- procedures, methods statement, MSDS, TDS and R&D papers
  8. Chemistry, Engineering-Chemical & Industrial, Manufacturing: Know-how in Process/Eqpt/Matl/R&D
  9. Manufacturing- project management and turnkey-basis including: material, machine, manpower, & management

Rinocen Canoy's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Performed physical "Thermal Performance Experiment" on Insulation Materials and combinations thereof to address specific requirement of a customer - prior to designing and custom-built a product for manufacturing.
  2. Performed long-term "product development" to determine exacting performance of a product based on a given or target standard. This is a "Heat Shrinkable" product made from a radiated-cross-linked HDPE material for preinsulated piping system. I experimented on chemical-resistance, physical-delamination, tearing resistance, toughness (sand-box abrasion) and environmental-degradation. It took two years to complete the study and the product is in-use since 2007 without a single complaint in its performance. It is important to note, that this product is a modified-version of the original product from Europe and I used 70% of the material content - optimized and reduced weight - because the experiment proved it possible.
  3. As a Production Manager with Chemical Engineering background and hands-on in Chemical Lab works, I introduced manufacturing process improvement to produce optimized products (economical, maintain quality & higher output) - in pre-insulated piping system, polyurethane foam & HDPE materials, blasting & coating, steel & plastics fabrication & welding - by adjusting formulations, experimenting on thermal behavior, altering physical-mechanical property, process or machine modification, testing & validation including manpower skills enhancement.